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"Cryptimg is an excellent tool to edit photos to free them from text which is undesirable for you at times. You can easily clean image for specific use where text is irrelevant or you want a clean and clear picture without anything that may look shabby on a picture. The best thing is that you can get back the hidden text whenever you want very quickly."

"We all have messages, photos or passwords that no one should know. I think this is one of the easiest ways to keep them safe. By putting a strong password on what we want, we can prevent others from reaching. USEFUL TOOL"

"What is this, a kind of steganography tool? Awesome, hiding text into images is often effective for things that are confidential, and great, this Cryptimg can also decode."

" I think one can easily make use of hidden text with an image and can send to someone with the extractor link and anytime one can extract or retrieve those hidden text from the image. The algorithm of cryptimg also ensures security of it.

Images are the cool way to hide text when such cryptimg facility is available. But the most important thing is the password without which one will not be able to retireve it."

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